Chocolate Fever!

Walking down Gandy Street in the last weeks, you may have heard banging and sawing as the Choccie Studio expands to accomodate our ever growing clan of Chocolate Alchemists..

"As more chocolatiers make themselves known to us and join us for outrageous evenings and afternoons of truffle-making and chocoalte tasting, it has become very plain (although not

Alchemy nights   
 The goodies!  

milk or white) that we needed to open up a little to allow us to fit more customers in", says Choccie Bar owner, Katie Jones.

Choccie Bar initially began the Alchemy nights in response to people who wanted a chocolate-making experience but not necessarily in large groups.

"We run a large number of private events such as corporate team-building and hen parties and special occasion events etc, but we didn't really have anything for individuals so Alchemy nights were the perfect answer", says Katie. "The thing is, Alchemy nights make such great presents - we have families, couples and groups of friends come and take it up - we are just getting rather a lot of bookings and needed to make it considerably easier for people to bring more friends!"


To find out more about Alchemy nights click here or any choccie events, call us on 01392 423003.